Do What You Love

Rosemary’s Potholder collection

I had to look for at each of the Potholders that Rosemary has hanging over her desk to remember them. For most it was  a piece or two of fabric that brought my creating them back to me.

How sweet to see them hanging all together.  But Rosemary’s words felt even better…

As you can see, “She wrote, “your artwork is near my desk for inspiration. I bought a sewing machine and am learning about quilting because of you.”

That what I am doing has inspired Rosemary to create, affirms my belief in the power and good of doing what fulfills us.  And how it isn’t just for ourselves, but it creates a ripple that can affect the people around us.

4 thoughts on “Do What You Love

  1. I do the same thing. I hang your little quilts (potholders) up. They travel around. Right now I keep them hanging on the side of my overflowing bookcase in my room. I love your little art pieces in my personal space!

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