Zip, Zinnia and The Egg

There was one egg in the coop this morning.  I put it on the table and when I came back for it, I watched as Zip knocked it onto the ground.

I called Zinnia over to clean it up.  She was glad to.   I don’t know what Zip was just trying to play or if he wanted the egg.

6 thoughts on “Zip, Zinnia and The Egg

  1. Maria, I just love to watch that cat do his thing! Thank YOU! I’ve always considered myself a “dog” person, but after watching Zip…well, maybe a cat would be OK too.

  2. Cats knock everything off. That’s how we know the world is not flat. Cats would have knocked everything off the edge!

  3. I love the way Zip is reaching out as if to say, ‘Hey leave me some’. Fun to see how comfortable he is with Zinnia. 🙂

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