“Silence And A Curtain Of Trees”

Mist in the Orphaned Woods

“And now in the woods, I once again revisit the idea of simply staying here, in the woods-with great interior freedom, and applying myself to the main business, which has nothing to do with places, and does not require a beach of pure white Caribbean sand.  Only silence and a curtain of trees.
Thomas Merton, “When The Trees Say Nothing”

Jon has been talking about and quoting Thomas Merton since I met him.  I often find Merton’s writing difficult to make sense of.  It is too much like being in church for me.  He writes in a language that I don’t understand.

Until Jon bought me Merton’s book “When The Trees Say Nothing”.  It is a book of Journal entries about nature.  It is in these writings by Thomas Merton that his God makes sense to me.

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