Merricat, Happy In Hay


Merricat enjoying her hay

Soon the grass will start growing so I’ve closed off the back pasture. It won’t come back so well if the sheep and donkeys are eating it as it sprouts.  Also the soil is so saturated right now,  all those hooves can damage the roots.

Also soon it will be time to shear the sheep.

I want to keep their wool as clean as possible from the brambles that get stuck in their wool when they forage through the trees and dried grasses.

But the sheep and donkeys still get to roam, the barnyard is big enough for that.

Even so, they are a little more impatient when I bring out the hay.  The donkeys start calling to me an hour before feeding and Asher and Issachar gather at the gate.

I wish I could make them understand that soon the grass will green and they will be grazing again.

But then, they probably already know.

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