The Branches On My Meditation Tree


My Meditation Tree when I left my studio this evening. The spiral is just pinned on. I’m playing the with size and placement. Then I’ll go back to the branches and see what else needs to be done there.

How I struggled with my Meditation Tree yesterday.

I tied strips of fabric into knots and sewed them on.  I was halfway done, and it wasn’t right.  The knots were heavy and dense.  The weight of them daunting.

I only felt better when at the end of the day, I cut all my stitches and the leaves fell to my studio floor.

But what to do instead kept me up last night. I finally fell asleep with the help of a relaxation meditation from the Calm App.

It helped me to keep a clear mind even when I woke in the morning and went to my studio.


Jon and I stopped along the road yesterday to watch the nesting Herons in the tree tops.  It makes  me wonder how much my surroundings influence me.

It didn’t take me long to see that my tree wanted branches not leaves. I pinned on the fabric and on the first try it was just the right size and created just the right shape.

I spent the day sewing the branches down.

When I was done I pulled out the strips of silk that I’ll use for the earth energy spiral.  I pinned it under the tree, but I’m still playing with the size and placement.

I have a feeling that once that is sewn down, I have a better idea of what to do next around the branches of the tree.

The shell of my Ramshorn snail.  It spirals both in and out equally.

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