Spring Day On The Farm

What we found in the back pasture.  I will tie some of the things I found into my Blue Bailing Twine

I clipped the branches and separated the five wires that had bunched together so it was once again a fence.  Then I put the cut branches in front of it all.  Just another barrier to keep the sheep and donkeys in.

I walked the rest of the fence to make sure it wasn’t falling down anywhere else.  The marsh flooded the farthest corner of the pasture, but no so much that  the dogs and I couldn’t walk though it.  Fate disappeared in the tall bushes growing on the edge of the marsh.

I picked up some pieces of rusty metal, glass and an old fence insulator that had come up from the ground in the spring melt.  The rest of the fences were fine and when I called Fate she came running to me and dropped a ball at my feet.

It was one of the balls that we through for the dogs in the pasture.  This was one that went over the fence an into the marsh and I thought was lost for good.

I threw the ball for Fate till we got into the barnyard. (Zinnia wouldn’t chase the ball because it isn’t hers) Somehow it seemed undignified for a Border Collie to be chasing a ball when there were sheep around.

Using washers to hold the roost on the hen house in place

After fixing the fence I moved on to the hen house.

I secured the roost that fell off yesterday using longer screws and a couple of washers.  Then I moved the latch on the gate to the barnyard down a bit.  It shifts once or twice a year.  It’s easy to adjust just a matter of moving a couple of screws.

Lungwort growing in my garden

The last thing I did was rake out the Back Porch Garden.  The leaves were still a bit frozen but the sun was so warm, it all melted quickly.  I did catch Zip peeing in my garden, but it’s not as if I didn’t expect that.  I’ll put up small metal fences to keep him and the hens out once things really start growing and I plant some seeds.

Photo by Jon Katz

I did take some to sit with Jon the donkeys and Zip.  Fanny was laying down in the sun so I went to sit next to her.  Then Lulu came over and sat with us too.  Soon Jon joined us and then of course Zip showed up.

5 thoughts on “Spring Day On The Farm

  1. Good luck keeping Zip out with a fence. I’ll be curious to know if it works, and how. My cat gets into anywhere he wishes. He even goes into my linen closet and pulls the door closed behind himself – for privacy I suppose cracks me up

    1. That’s so funny. Cats do some interesting things for who knows what reason. I love that your cat pulls the door closed after him.

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