A Walk Along The Edge Of The Marsh


The marsh in the back pasture

The rain was slight when we headed out.  A short walk, along the edge of the marsh in the back pasture.  I think it was Zinnia who scared the female mallard.  She flew low over our heads, getting our attention so I wondered if she doesn’t have a nest she was protecting.

When the rain came big and hard, I stood under the white pine, my head poking into the low branches.  I was surprised that Fate and Zinnia joined me.  It was as if we were under a giant umbrella.

When the rain lightened we move on along the muddy trail of the sheep and donkeys.  No more than six inches wide, I placed one foot in front of the other as if walking a wide tightrope.

It was along the path I saw the first wildflowers.  A shy violet,  Violet with her head bowed, and a sun of a Dandelion low to the ground.

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