My Meditation Tree, Going Home

I’m as close as I can get to my Meditation Tree.  So close I can barely see her.

So, when I finished sewing the backing and tacking with some beads around the Earth Energy Spiral, I rolled out my yoga mat and sat in front of my Tree.

I found myself looking first at the tree then what was happening beneath the tree.   As if two different things were going on.  The spiral an interior grounded space. The Tree reaching up to the heights of the sky.

I felt the spiral at the base of my belly and in my root chakra.

When I looked a the tree I thought of the Turkey Vulture I watched yesterday while walking in the back pasture.  It circled low and wide to the ground, and slowly spiraled up into the bright cloudless sky, the circles getting smaller and smaller till it vanished from sight.    In many cultures, because they fly so high,  Vultures are seen with spiritual beings who touch the heavens.

A reminder of our higher selves.

We could never fly so high without good grounding

Soon my Meditation Tree will be on her way to her new home.  Joye who bought it wrote “I have the perfect wall that I purposely left blank for something special when I moved into my apartment in December. The wall is across from my recliner where I sit to meditate.”

How could I doubt that I made my Meditation Tree just for her.

6 thoughts on “My Meditation Tree, Going Home

  1. I’m so excited because Joye is a dear friend of mine for the past 12 years and I will be able to visit and see the meditation tree in person.
    It could not have found a better home. Joye is one of the kindest, generous and caring friends it has ever been my good fortune to have.

    1. Oh LoisJean, what a wonderful connection! I love when that happens. And I love that you will be seeing my Meditation Tree too. Like a little Meditation Tree community. 🙂

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