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From the beginning my blog has been about showing, writing about and selling my art.  But since 2008 when I first started it,  my art has expanded from working with the repurposed fabrics that so many of you generously send me to taking pictures, videos and writing about my life, the animals on the farm and most recently my walks in the woods.

When I first started taking my Monday Morning Video I planned on doing it for one year.  Nine years later I’m still doing it.   The same subject yet different every week.  It is the fist thing I think of when I wake up on Monday Morning.  The  perfect way for me to start my week and I hope for you too.

The latest addition to my blog is my “Notes From….”  I have to credit Jon with this idea.  They began as Note From The Woods and have evolved into my thoughts, not only from my walks in the woods, but from the barnyard, my studio, or where ever I am inspired.

Like my fabric art, my blog is always evolving in the same way my Monday Morning Videos or quilts and Potholders do.

It is consistent even dependable, but never the same.

If you enjoy my writing, seeing the photos and videos of the animals, or watching my art being created, please consider donating to my blog.  Just click here to make a donation.

You can also donate to my blog anytime,  by clicking on the Support My Blog button on the top and bottom of my blog.  You can easily make a one time or monthly donation using PayPal or Venmo.  I have monthly donations ranging from $1 to $50, any amount helps.

You can also send a check to Maria Wulf PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816.

I want to thank everyone who continues to or  has already donated to my blog.  I so appreciate it.  Knowing that I’m being paid for my work puts my mind at ease so I’m able to do the creative work when I’m in the woods or pasture taking pictures and videos and thinking of my next blog post.

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