Bud, Hunting Again

Zinnia and Bud sleeping in the doorway of my studio

Bud got a good night’s sleep after yesterday’s rat.

But he was back hunting today outside my studio.  I saw him nosing around in some leaves by the fence.  In moments he pulled his nose out of the leaves and had a mole in his mouth.

Unlike a cat, Bud wasn’t interested in playing with mole.  When he dropped it on the ground it didn’t move.  I was wondering if he would eat it, but instead he bit it in half, left the two parts on the ground and walked away.

When I told Jon about it he said that was how Boston Terriers kill rats.  I guess it’s a good way to make sure they’re really dead.

I told the mole I was sorry and put it in a pile of leaves on the other side of the fence.   I didn’t need Zinnia eating it and throwing it up at 3am.

I know that Bud hunts, but I’d never seen him catch and kill an animal before.   I was both horrified and impressed.

When we got Bud I didn’t think of him as being a good farm dog.   But I feel differently about that now.  Even if he’s still trying to dig out of the yard, he helpful in other ways.   Including being  good at snuggling.

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