The Barn Swallows Are Back

There was a frost this morning.  Enough to make a slushy layer of ice on the dog bowl outside,  but nothing the spring flowers can’t handle.

I did see two barn swallows swoop into the barn circle around and fly out again.  I know I startled them.  I wonder if they know that Zip is around yet.

It’s early for the swallows, they usually come the first of May.  But it was a warm winter.  So warm that a few stalks from last years kale that I grew in my garden is growing leaves.

One day about two weeks ago a constant bird call got my attention.  It was so consistent I wondered if it wasn’t tree frogs.  But then I saw the birds circling over the pasture.  They were Killdeers who come to the farm every year, although if they stay long,  they are so well hidden, I barely see them.

This year, as far as I could tell,  they didn’t even land, just circled overhead.   That was the first time I wondered if they’d got news of Zip who prowls the tall grasses where the Killdeers make their nests.

I heard that birds know when a new predator has moved into an area.  I don’t know how they get this information, but I do hope the barn swallows decide to stay.

Flo used to the hunt in the barn and hay loft.  I’ve seen the barn swallows dive bomb her more than once.

I understand if the barn swallows choose not to stay.  I’d hate for Zip to hunt them.  But I will miss them if they decide to go to another farm and another barn.

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