Making That Cardboard Piece For The Back Of The Fridge

The parts of the  refrigerator backing that I still had.

I didn’t know how important that piece of cardboard on the back of the refrigerator was until Bud broke it to pieces when he was trying to get at the rat.

Our fridge is old and that piece of cardboard which helps with the flow of air and keeps the compressor from overheating, has been discontinued.  I searched around for a used one and when I couldn’t find one I knew I’d have to make my own.

Luckily I hadn’t thrown the damaged one out.  And it was really mostly still there, only in two pieces.

I was able to figure out how much of it was supposed to be solid and how much needed those small opening in it by where the pieces screwed into the back of the fridge.

It was like a puzzle in some ways,  just one with missing pieces that had to be replicated.

I found an old cardboard shipping envelope that I saved to reuse.  It was the perfect thickness and weight.  I just cut it to size, then mades some holes replicating the ones that was all ready there the best I could.

With the help of some duct tape I was able to fit it all together.

The strange thing is that before the rat incident, the refrigerator used to make a lot of noise.  Now it’s much quieter.

I don’t know why, maybe Bud and the rat jiggled something back into place.

It may not be pretty, but it works

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