Trusting Zip

When I was in my early twenties I worked at an Animal Hospital and was bitten by two different cats.  Ever since then I’ve had a hard time trusting cats.  They move too quickly and when they bite it can be very painful and easily infected.

Zip is always flirting.  Rolling on his back and trying to get me to scratch him under his chin or on his belly.

Unlike other cats I’ve had, when he grabs my hand he never has his claws out.  Sometimes he even licks my hand, another thing none of my cats have ever done.  And every once in a while he’ll gently bite my hand. I’ve read that a sign of affection or wanting to play.

I never got close enough to my other cats to allow any of this to happen. I feel like Zip is teaching me to trust him and I’m beginning to.

8 thoughts on “Trusting Zip

  1. He has such a sweet face. I’ve had many cats over the years and love to hold them and play with them. But you’re correct, they can be unpredictable. In fact my cat is tearing around the house and about to be shut out of my bedroom right now!

  2. One of our cats that has lived with me for 12 years has never liked me and I had to give up making overtures that always end in bloodshed. The others each have their own preferences, some like to sit in a lap and don’t mind being picked up, others like to play but won’t be picked up. They are as individual as humans. I let them tell me what they want. I think you are safe with Zip!

    1. I learn that all animals are individuals again and again. And I’ve always had female cats except when I was every young, and he was all but feral. I’m enjoying this new cat relationship with Zip.

  3. Maria, That is much more easily accomplished with males. In feline culture the women do ALL the work. Males are simply sperm donors. Female cats express that responsibility in their behavior as males express their level of responsibility in their behavior. I find male cats are just easier to own.

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