Pruning and Transplanting My Cacti

I’ve been meaning to prune and transplant my cacti all winter.  But it’s really not a job for indoors.  The cactus roots were bound together and all those long sharp spines make moving them difficult.

Today I got out the suede work gloves, a few pots, soil and got to it.

These cacti are the off spring of my 45 year old cactus that died last year.  The one I had since I was a kid.   And they were out of control.  I’ve decided that from now on I will prune them so they will grow thicker instead of wild.

The three cacti above were all in one pot and were growing into each other.

The barrel cactus belonged to  Jon.  He had it in a pot with a few others when I first met him about 20 years ago.  He bought it when he first came upstate, lived in a cabin on a mountain with his two dogs  and wrote  Running To The Mountain.

So these cacti are from both of our pasts, from before we knew each other.

I’ve never pruned my cacti before, but I like the way they look better when pruned.  I’m hoping they like it too.

This is the third cactus I pruned.  There were a few very small cactuses growing in the pot with it.  I put them in the garden by my studio.  I don’t expect them to survive the winter but it will be interesting to see how they grow throughout the summer.

2 thoughts on “Pruning and Transplanting My Cacti

  1. I enjoyed reading “Ruñning To The Mountain’ so much. A friend gave me her paper back to read and told me here you’ll love this book. And I did. After I was done reading it I bought my own copy. Told my ex-husband to read it that he would like it and then a few years ago went and bought it for my Kindle. When I find a book I enjoy I will read it and go back many years later to reread it. And since that time have owned every book by Jon that is animal related And have slowly been filling up my Kindle with them when I see them go on sale. Love your cactus. My mom had a cactus that my dad brought back with him from the army when he was out in Texas. It was a barrel cactus 2. I guess men like the barrel cactus for some reason. It’s kind of hard to see your garden when you have the skinny frame on your YouTube clip. From what I could see it looks good. Can’t wait to see all your pictures of your herbs.

    1. I’m so glad you enjoy Jon’s books Theresa. I guess cactus live longer than many plants so we get more attached to them. I’ll be sure to make more videos of my gardens as they grow.

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