The First Day Of Gardening

Jon working in his raised bed gardens, with Zip nearby as always

I was too beautiful a day not to work in the gardens.

Jon planted some of the flowers he bought at Carol’s Corners, a nursery in town in his raised garden beds.  It’s a little early,  there is still a good possibility that we’ll get some nights of frost.  But the next couple of weeks are warming up.  We’ll keep an eye on the weather and if there is a frost Jon will cover the more sensitive plants with a sheet.

While Jon worked in his garden, I work in mine.  I moved the cone flowers growing between the stone in the walk way into my garden.  I transplanted a couple of Lilacs sprigs that came up in the garden into the front lawn.   The small lilacs I transplanted a few years ago in the front lawn are almost as tall as I am, so I know they’ll do well there.

I also put kale seeds in my vegetable garden where the garlic is now a foot high.

I bought some seeds at the nursery.  There have been too many years where I waited then couldn’t find what I wanted.  This year I’m going to plant some herbs and flower seeds in Jon’s raised beds.  He felt he didn’t need all the space and I’m glad to take it over.

It’s too early to plant the dill, cilantro and basil seeds, but I was eager to get started on some so I planted Giant Zinnia seeds in  two pots and covered them with plastic wrap.  I’ll leave them on the back porch in the sun and if they grow, I’ll transplant them into my garden.

I’ve decided that this year I will not push myself when it comes to gardening.   I’m going to the let the gardens that border the front of the house grow into the front lawn which we’re are continuing to keep wild.

I’ve found that I enjoy sitting under the apple tree and watching the birds so much I want to spend more time doing that.  The less anxious I am, the more I’m learning to relax on the weekends.

I spotted this milk snake sleeping under the rhododendron.  Yesterday she was curled up in the thyme growing at the base of the step to the back porch.  I don’t know if Zip is interested in snakes,  I hope not. He either didn’t see this one is or leaving her alone.

2 thoughts on “The First Day Of Gardening

    1. It’s a milk snake Sue. And I’m planting the ones in the raised beds that I had a hard time growing in my garden last year. Maybe they will like the beds better.

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