The Moons on My Bird on The Branch

The backing for my fabric painting

I was at the dentist again early this morning.  When the novocaine wore off I realized my the temporary crown wasn’t quite right.  Luckily they had a spot for me at 10:30 and it only took a few minutes to do a little more grinding on the tooth to make it right.

I was back home by 11:30 and decide to keep up with my paperwork for a change and got my bookkeeping done before lunch.

When I got to my studio I didn’t have much time to work since I have Bellydancing  Class this evening.  But I was able to get the lace sewn onto the top of the backing and make a sleeve for hanging.

It’s best to work on these pieces while they are hanging so I can make sure they are straight.  I often make the sleeve last, just because I’m impatient, but this time I knew how I wanted to the top to look.   And having that in place that will help me sort out the rest of the piece.

I think I’ll need a little extra batting behind the whole thing because the doilies can sometimes be weighty.  I’m eager to get started on the tree and bird.

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