Suzy’s “Winter Fields” Shawl For Sale

Winter Fields is 64″ long by 19″.  It’s $150 + $8 shipping you can buy it here. 

I couldn’t help but notice when I looked at the photo of Suzy’s new shawl that in it I saw the same colors as the ones outside her window.

Autumn colors, yes, but look at the green grass and how the ground, beyond it, is the same shades of rust, pale orange, and rich maroons.  Suzy calls the chartreuse  “hopeful spring grass” but I see that as her interpretation.   It’s even speckled with the yellow locks as seen in the gradations of color in the field.

That’s what made me think to call it Winter Fields.

Suzy’s son told her that she has style.  “You put colors together that really shouldn’t go together but end up working”, he said.

I think he’s right.

Suzy hand-spins and hand-knits all her shawls.  Each one is a unique combination of colors and patterns, no two are exactly alike.  She gets her wool from her mohair goats, Lucy, Ruth, April, Alice and Larry.  She also supplements it with wool from her favorite fiber artists.

Her shawls are as soft as they look.  She washes each one in a natural softening solution.

 Suzy’s Winter Fields Shawl is 64″x19″.   It’s $150 + $8 shipping.  You can buy it in my Etsy Shop, just click here.  

Or you can email me at [email protected]

Winter Fields
Suzy’s mohair goats, April, Alice and Ruth
Full Moon Fiber Art