Win A Book of Poems by Veronica Hallissey

kiss the moon  When I think of what I want to be like when I’m 80, I think of Veronica Hallissey.  Strong, determined, loving, willing to learn something new and doing her work.   I don’t remember how I met Veronica, but we’ve been on-line friends for a while now, (actually I don’t even remember how long).  I imagine she left a comment on my blog or emailed me and that’s when I started reading her poetry.

Veronica’s  poetry  reaches deep inside of me, is revealing and makes me think in  new ways.     Her  book,  Kiss The Moon, is emotional and insightful and at times otherworldly.    Her blog From an Upper Floor, is filled with her poems, prose and her quilted wall hangings.

And this week, Veronica is giving away a copy of her poetry book, Kiss the Moon.  You can read excerpts from it and see her other work, as well as enter her give-a-way by clicking here.  Good Luck!

From A Good Friend, by Veronica Hallissey

“My eyes have shed their steel casings,
now ground as dust beneath my heel.
I look inward to softer places
and find the world not so hard.”

4 Responses to “Win A Book of Poems by Veronica Hallissey”

  1. Maria, I feel honored with these words of praise. Especially so because you mean them. It is as if I have spent my life talking to ‘one such as you.’ Thank you, friend.

  2. Thankyou. Great poetry, spunky lady poet! I’m going to enjoy her site.

  3. Maria says:

    That’s it Veronica, There’s a poem by Namomi Shihab Nye that says, “When you finally find the ears, they already know” That’s how it is with your poetry.

  4. Maria says:

    I agree, LaDonna, I’m glad you found it as I did.

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