A New Kind Of Potholder

1st Potholder

I was inspired by one of the quilt panels I made the other day.  A smaller colorful design in the center, surrounded by a solid (kinda) color.

At first I thought what if this was bigger, quilt size.  Then I thought what if it was smaller, potholder size…

The quilt panel that inspired me. It’s 33″ x 39″

I wanted to finish designing my quilt “Safe in the Woods” today, but the idea of making the potholders had me in its grip.  Just one, I thought, I just try to make one.

When I made the first one and it was close, but not exactly what I had in mind.  So I wanted to try it again…

2nd Potholder

… so I made another….

3rd Potholder (my favorite)

…and another…

4th Potholder

…..and another….

5th Potholder

Then Jon and I did something we rarely do.  We went to the movies, in the late afternoon on a work day.  We got an ice cream cone on the way and saw “Baby Driver”, which was a wild ride, with just one car chase and shoot out too many, but still a lot of fun.

When we got home I made one more potholder.

6th potholder



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  1. Englishsheepgal says:

    These are really different, the ‘border’ idea draws the eye to the center piece more, and haven’t seen you do little slivers and joining thing up on the diagonal for a while. Of course I’m a big fan of that as I recognize skinny strips of leftovers from my projects, and those of my quilting friend – snatched from her hand as she was about to put them in the trash at the end of one of our ‘stitch n bitch’ get togethers, where we put the world to rights whilst working on quilting or knitting projects.

    She never believes me when I say I know someone who can use them, then is as thrilled as I am to spot bits and pieces she recognizes in a photo on the blog. I also really like the light / dark, plain / busy matches of the fabric. Can tell you are enjoying working on them too, that quilt might have to wait a bit longer! Looks as if Gus is moving up in the world to ‘Chief Fabric Selection Officer’ – not sleeping at all, just getting a good close up on that fabrics print……

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