Goddess In The Boat

This is how it began….  I wanted to start a wall hanging so, last week  I sewed together two pieces of an old quilt that I had.

I didn’t want to work within the confines of the quilted circles, so I made the white space bigger by cutting out some of the patchwork.

I left it at that for a few days, until I made some potholders called Goddess in the Boat.  That gave me the idea that the Goddess in the Boat should be on the wall hanging.  So I stitched the Goddess on the back of another piece from the same old quilt.

Then I used a marker to draw the boat.   I removed all the patchwork and old batting that was within the outline of the boat.

After that  I stitched over the marker with my sewing machine.  I was trying to get a rough line, much like the line I drew with the marker.

I stitched a face on the Serpent Boat  and some fins on its neck.  Then I took some of the patchwork I previously removed and used it to fill in the fins and create aa design on the serpent boat’s belly and its tail.

The last thing I did today was cut out the Goddess and hand sew her onto the quilt, standing in the Serpent Boat.

I’m not sure what comes next, but I have a feeling the flying egg, that I made this morning, will find its way into the piece.



5 Responses to “Goddess In The Boat”

  1. Susie Buzan says:

    Coming along very creatively!

  2. Deb says:

    This is such a creative idea, I just love the Goddess and your serpent boat is beautiful.

  3. Maria says:

    Thanks Deb, this one is just flowing.

  4. margaret byrd says:

    Fun to watch it come together

  5. Maria says:

    I’m glad you like to see that part of it Margaret. Sometimes I’m really aware of taking pictures of the process when I’m working and sometimes I completely forget.

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