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I had my first newspaper interview today. Meg Hagerty from the Post Star ,a Glens Falls newspaper, visited the studio. She was most interested in my potholders which someone told her about after seeing them at LARAC. It was lots of fun having a captive audience listen to me talk about my work. I told her how I came up with the idea for the potholders when the quilt weren’t selling as the recession started.

At that time I had the thought that if I saw my quilts but couldn’t afford one I would like to be able to have something small to remind me of them. Something like a card with a quilt image. I thought of the potholder because it was like a functional mini-quilt. I love the idea of having those things we use everyday be beautiful or at least something we would like to look at when using it. Pot holders seemed natural.

A photographer will come next week to take some photos of me working. I hate posing for pictures, so having someone take photos while I work is natural. ( I learned how to ignore being watched while I work in drawing class at art school)

Freida was there for the whole interview. I was afraid she would do a lot of barking (she can be protective) but she sniffed Meg when she first came into the studio then went to her crate .She only growled once when Meg walked past her. Jon suggested I give her a chance to succeed, I guess he was right. Sometimes I’m as protective of her as she is of me.

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  1. What a sweet photo of Frieda. Kudos to her for being a good girl today. Her first interview! Maybe you could post the interview on your blog somehow when it comes out. Photos too! I know alot of us would be interested. Frieda’s your soul mate. Her “job” I think is to protect you. We can’t help the transference. We love our dogs! My man and I are moving to a little house in the woods tomorrow.(out of an apt.) so my soulmate “Maverick” is in the kennel. I always miss him.
    Happy Spring, Cindy Chambers

    1. Cindy, the little house in the woods sounds nice. I’m sure Maverick will love it to and soon you’ll all be happy there together.
      The article comes out in June and I’ll post it on the site somehow. Maria

  2. Great picture of Freida!!! Glad your interview went so well and glad Frieda was there for you!!

  3. You’ve probably heard this before but have new people bring Freida treats and toss them her way when they pass her. She will learn to look forward to visitors because they mean good things are coming her way. It should be a special treat that she doesn’t normally get so it will keep it’s specialness. Kudos on you new business and marriage. Best wishes to you both. Lydia

  4. If you’re interested, fabric from Japan often has cute animal prints. I have found lots of prints of owls, cats, and rabbits. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen dogs too.

  5. Freida is doing what we call “bunny feet!” I’m glad she is being successful. I think it’s your and Jon’s patience, love and kindness tht are making such an impact on her. ps. Love you quilts and potholders. You are inspiring me to get out my sewing machine again!

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