hot hot hot….

I went to my studio this morning to do some shipping and was sweating in moments, just sitting there. I decided to spend the morning in the office in the house (just a little cooler, the fan blowing the papers around) doing paperwork, which always seems to back up somehow. I have a new bookkeeping system on my computer and have been meaning to update it for weeks. Today I put my numbers in my notebook instead. The computer doesn’t have a back up yet and I’m afraid to lose it all. For me, when it comes to technology, every step is a leap of faith

I’ve gotten some advice about Sophie and the fish tank, often conflicting. I decided to go with Jon’s advice since it appears he know a thing or two about fish. Sophie spent a few days on the bottom of the tank. Each time I went into the studio I thought she was dead and when I nudged her with the net, she would swim away. I’d find her head first in the plant, it was hard to watch seemed to me she was suffering.

Jon assured me he could quickly put a fish down (without flushing it), so I decided it was best. He came back a few hours later with 2 more fish. They are big and healthy. One all orange who I named after Sophie and one orange, silver and black, Ophelia. They’ve been doing great. I put up an opaque curtain to keep the sun off of them in the morning and they are swimming around like crazy even in the heat. Actually, I’m envious, wish I was a fish today.

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  1. goldfish don’t do well in the heat, if the sun was shining on the tank that was probably your problem, unfortunately I found this out the hard way. Good luck with your new fish

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