Vintage 1970’s Colonial Sisters

There’s only 2 of these ladies which will be sold a the Creative Union Show at Redux . I got this fabric from a woman who I made 25 potholders for last year. It’s vintage 1970’s colonial revival.

I’ve been thinking about how I do my work and it seems I’ve gotten into the pattern of taking so many custom orders that I’m beginning to feel more like a seamstress and less like an artist. After talking to a few people I’ve decided to try something different. When I finish the remaining orders I have to this point I’m going to take less orders and concentrate on making and collecting an inventory and selling what I’ve made. I think this will allow me to be more creative and develop ideas that otherwise I wouldn’t have time to explore.

This doesn’t mean I won’t take any custom orders, just that I’ll be more discriminating.

I’m excited to try this new way of working, things were starting to get stale in the studio. I was beginning to feel like a factory worker and with the hot weather, every story of sweat-shops I’ve ever heard kept coming to mind. Seems to me like it’s time for a change.

4 thoughts on “Vintage 1970’s Colonial Sisters

  1. Maybe try a different creative media, so the quilting stuff doesn’t get so factory feeling? Or take a break for a while.

  2. I can relate to that! I make quilted wall haangings…..and as soon as I think about making them to sell, the less I like the idea. It is the creation part that is important, not the manufacturing. I get it, is what I am trying to say!

  3. Often times makeing things to other’s specs sends creative juices right down the drain. It’s wise of you to back off, take a mental break and let your imagination flow into your creations.

    All the Best,
    Mickey Scheuring
    “Lead a Dead Horse to Water”
    “Bobbing For Bodies”

    See, I know a little about creating from whole cloth. Bye.

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