First set of 4

I can’t wait to make more now that I’ve finished my first placemats. Last year I didn’t think I could work in this size about 13″x16″. It was the handbags that got me into it. I found making the handbags I’d pay lots of attention to the front and the flap and what showed and what was hidden by the flap. When I got to the back I’d fit the extra material together without the pressure of it being the front. I found when the piece was laid out flat before making it into the bag, I really liked the way it looked. Often I found I liked the back as much as the front, it had the freedom of not being so thought out.

I’m not sure how much the placemats will be, I have no idea how long it takes to make them. I have other work for tomorrow, so on Monday when I resume the placemats I time myself to help figure out the pricing. I’m already contemplating the next color scheme.

8 thoughts on “First set of 4

  1. They turned out great, Maria. And think of how much you stretched and created another form of art. Isn’t it interesting how one thing leads to another? Serendipitous!

  2. Wow, don’t these look great on that worn table top … although I think they would look great on any table and in any decor! Love the colors! Looks like you got the “seam down the middle” problem solved as these are much more “you”, I would say. Also looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you in order to be ready for the November sale. OK, get off the computer and back to the machine!!! Ha!

  3. I would love to order a set of these placemats, Maria. Please let me know when you have a price in mind. Love, love them!

    Thanks, Christy

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