That Aint Me No More

I was listening to Cee Lo Green as I laid out this quilt. The only words I heard clearly throughout the whole CD were “that ain’t me no more”. I think that’s what this quilt is about, something new.

9 thoughts on “That Aint Me No More

  1. This quilt very much reminds me of Mondrian. It’s uncanny how much this reminds me of Mondrian’s paintings.

  2. lol!out of the whole CD? But great words they are. This is very pretty. I love the bright fabric surrounding the dark . Congrats on becoming a full time artist, Cindy

  3. I love the quilt & the story of it’s inspiration & the theme “that ain’t me no more” celebrating the New Year and the New You( with your lips to the river of your life). Bravo!!!

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