Snow Day

You have to work at taking a snow day when your work is across the road. There was really no excuse for me getting in the studio at 12noon today, but when you’re self employed, working from home, you sometimes have to learn to take the holidays (and snow days) off, even if you really don’t have to. Of course, when you’re at a job away from your home, you can’t shovel paths in the snow for your donkeys. Discipline for the self employed is a fine line.

So I worked a little later than usual and got 3 potholders done for the Gallery 99 Show which opens next Thursday. Tomorrow I’ll got to the temporary gallery space, ( The front room in The Empire Theater building in Glens Falls) and start preparing the space with Diane. I’ll be doing a demo on Saturday at 5pm. A stitch sketch potholder from sketch… to stitch sketch… to finished potholder.

There are 25 artists in the show and talks (Jon’s is on Friday at 6pm) and music and of course food. It’s the first of many such exhibits with all the art $99 or less. One of the summer exhibits will be in a truck which will be parked in Glens Falls. I can’t wait for that one!

4 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. “Stitch Sketch” ….say THAT several times over! This looks FABulous, Maria! ‘Can’t wait to see more! I predict these will go like hotcakes in February….

  2. Hi Maria, This is beautiful! I love the curl of the yarn. You’ve done some lovely stitch sketches despite the 12 noon start. We all deserve some free time to relax and just “be” don’t you think?
    I hope you got in some donkey paths too!
    Best of luck with your Studio 99 Project. You sound very excited about it! It sounds phenominal…

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