Sold out before it opens

Despite the snow, more artists dropped off their work for the Gallery 99 exhibit. Diane and I started thinking about how to hang the show but will wait till tomorrow ,when all the work is in, to actually do the work. Above are Mike Huskie’s charcoals and Jason Henderson’s bench.

The show opens on Thursday Feb 10th from 5-8 and runs through Sunday Feb 13th. Jon will be giving a talk on Creativity and change on Friday the 11th at 6pm and I’ll be doing a Stitch Sketch Potholder demonstration on Saturday the 12th at 5pm . You can see all the events at

Betsy Brandt did 53 tiny paintings which will sell for $12 each. I first saw Betsy’s work at the Albany Airport Gallery then more recently at the Hyde Museum. Her painting is much like her sculpture, grids of intimate, animated symbols and shapes.

As each of the artists came in and looked at each others work they all found at least one piece they wanted to buy or barter for. Since most of the work would be sold before the show even opened, Diane made a rule that artists in the exhibit could only buy what was left after the show closes on Sunday. A good reason not to be a part of the exhibit.

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  1. You know, Maria I have (the times I displayed my paintings) ended up trading, or bartering with other artists after something was over. Ended up with a lot of cool stuff. Affordable art is something new. I’m hoping the concept will catch on further South.

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