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After about an hour of meeting with Sara from Social Momentum my head was starting to spin. “We better stop” I said, “or I’ll forget everything.”

Sara did such a great job drumming up publicity for Gallery 99 Jon and I decided to hired her to help us with our social media. She was teaching me how to manuver around Facebook. Before she came I was still trying to figure out the different pages. She showed me how to tag and link (?) and how to put up a video. (I put up my first video of the Carousel in Central Park on Facebook yesterday!) When she left I couldn’t remember a thing she said. But then it all started to come back and with a little practice I’ll have it down.

When we were done working we visited the donkeys. Fanny couldn’t get enough of Sara, she kept trying to get in her pocket, no doubt looking for more cookies. When she comes back next week I’ll learn some more about using social media and Fanny will get more treats. It’s hard to believe that 5 years ago I didn’t even own a computer.

5 thoughts on “More Cookies

  1. Welcome to the future (21st century). I think that social media will help artists and writers more than traditional methods. I have found that I have to tape instruction to remember it.

    Funny about Fanny. Horses, at the barn where I ride think that all women carry treats in their bras!

  2. Maria, I rode geldings exclusively. All of them were convinced that I kept treats in my bra. I think I was like the ultimate “boss mare,” bringing them the best goodies. Only my treats were kept in my helmet bag, along with dog treats and organic catnip. So when I drove down the road to the barn, the barn owner’s 4 dogs would key in on the car. They would all be waiting for me. I had them trained to sit on command, that’s the only way they would get any thing. Those dogs didn’t know any commands at first. After a few weeks they learned a few. The large yellow Persian, funny about him. He would lounge on top of the car to get my attention, or he would follow the helmet bag down to the riding ring where the mounting block were. While I had a lesson, he would wait patiently beside of the bag for his catnip.

  3. Maria, good job learning the in’s and outs of the technical and media age also your art work is wonderful, you are very talented. Since you and Jon have been together the Bedlam Farm blog has been such a wonderful and happy place to visit each day……you have been a very possitive force in Jon’s life.

    Jeff Burrer
    Viola, Wisconsin

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