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I went to Cambridge NY today to visit Jack Metzger in his Antique Shop and Art Gallery, Out Back Jacks, on Main Street.      Jack is one of the artists in  From the Everyday to Art, the first show in the Pig Barn Gallery  this June.  I was going to take a video of Jack talking about his work, but my flip wasn’t working and my ipod was out of juice, so we just visited  instead.

I don’t know exactly how long Jack has been collecting and selling antiques, but his shop is one of those places you can spend hours in just looking at everything.  Everything is intentionally placed as if it were an art installation.

Then there is his found object sculptures and photographs, which are in the front of his shop.  His work is   made of all the lost and broken artifacts that no longer have a place or purpose.  Jack puts them together, sometimes adding his own elements which he designs and fabricates.    He spent months polishing a bed key with an old potholder, not knowing why, just loving the wood.  Then one day he know what he wanted to do and created a sculpture using the bedkey, clay marbles, copper shavings and three different metals layered on top of each other to create a base.

Jack and his bedkey sculpture

I’ve heard that witches will leave a broom in by the front door to keep evil away.  I’m not sure if Jack knew that when he created this photo but the autumn leaves, worn brooms and old door speak  of domestic magic to me.  It’s one of my favorites.

But Jack talks about his work better than I do.  Every piece has a story, and every piece of every piece has a story.  I’ll be going back to his shop next week, this time I’ll make sure my flip is working.

12 thoughts on “Out Back Jacks Art Gallery

  1. Fall in! Luv It!
    a very Handsom…Gentle…Man!
    Most brooms have 5 bindings at the end. The one on the top right has used them all! If ya cut the bindings as you git closer ya have a better spray ta sweep with! Jacks got his front window clean!
    Luv the Egg at his left shoulder!

  2. Rowan is a magical wood. It’s the preferred wood for making wands. Just think Maria, if broom handles were made from Rowan, then you placed one by your door – how magical that would be!

  3. “His work is made of all the lost and broken artifacts that no longer have a place or purpose.”

    Sigh……now if he could just do this with people…..

  4. This makes me want to get in the car and drive straight to this shop. I mapquested it, would be about 10 hrs. One of these times I WILL do that!

  5. I would LOVE to go to Out Back Jack’s and spend the day. I’m sure it would take a day to see everything. Thanks Maria for sharing this. <3

  6. I have to say the story and photos of Jack are great. Maria is as enthusiastic and generous about the art of others as she is about creating her own. It’s great that she will be curating her own show on the farm June 4-5. I am a proud and excited former boyfriend.

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