Red Telephone and Orange Floor Lamp

When I was on the book tour in Seattle with Jon I met a young man who was teaching himself watercolors and he gave me some hints on how to start.  He said to do a drawing in pencil then fill it in.  I kept thinking that watercolor was about form not line which was really hanging me up since I think in line.

In our hotel hallway in NYC there is a red phone and I kinda fell in love with it.  I took a picture then did a drawing.  But the drawing didn’t work, because the phone was so much about being red.  So I thought of Brandon from Seattle and took out the  Koi watercolor set that I have been avoiding for months.

I must say, I found it kind of liberating to push that color around in a somewhat bounded area with my brush.  I used 3 different reds, black, green and mustard.  And if I wasn’t somewhat happy with it, it wouldn’t be on my blog.

So, thanks Brandon. 


2nd watercolor Orange Floor Lamp


5 thoughts on “Red Telephone and Orange Floor Lamp

  1. The real red phone in the hallway looks like a retro exhibit in a gallery or museum. It definitely draws you to it.

  2. I LOVE your red telephone painting! It is so exciting to see how your art evolves, one creation at a time!
    – SerenaK

  3. Yea Maria! You did it! These two watercolors are unique and refreshing!
    I love the beams of light from the floorlamp. Spread your wings and fly with your new medium. 🙂 Cindy

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