Bless the Bookkeepers

I spent many hours  on Monday trying to figure out the finances of the show in the Pig Barn Gallery.  It was different from my Full Moon Fiber Art business because I was working with 4 other artists, credit cards, fees and taxes in a new way.  Scraps of paper with numbers and names lined my desk as I tried to sort out who got what.  In some cases I was sloppy getting information on receipts. On one transaction I subtracted the tax instead of adding it.   I know it’s all part of learning the business.  Making mistakes and learning for the next time, but by now I was starting to panic.

As the papers started to pile on my desk and I began checking my figures and coming up with different amounts again and again, I finally gave in and emailed my bookkeeper Anne for help. I just need a system I told her.  A place to put the figures that will help me make sense of them.

This morning I presented her with my stacks of papers and receipts.   I started to explain them to her as best as I could.  Then, beautiful words came out of Anne’s mouth.   She said,  “Why don’t I take care of this?”

I sat next to her for  while answering her questions as she made sense of it all.  Then I left her alone to finish her work.

Bless you Anne, bless all the bookkeepers who make sense of the numbers.

6 thoughts on “Bless the Bookkeepers

  1. Hello Maria,
    I sympathize with your accounting delimmas. It was a great relief to me to find out that there is a medical term/diagnosis for this problem—dyscalculia. In short it is like dyslexia but regarding numbers. I felt better when I found out there were other people like me! But you may not have this at all.
    Happy anniversary to you and Jon and thanks for sharing some of your life with your readers. Have a memorable weekend.

  2. Yeah, that’s just pure genius Maria to let Anne handle things with numbers. I was never good with numbers. I’m sure I’d need a bookkeeper too to keep it all straight.

  3. Anne is a blessing in so many ways. She and I have been through some journeys together and she helps both of us live our lives. She is also one of the admirable and good-hearted people of the world, and she loves all life – flowers and dogs and cats especially, and even some people.

  4. OMG! I was laughing when I read this one to the man!!Especially about subtracting the tax instead of adding it on! Bless you for trying. Sometimes ya just have to ask for help!
    Bookkeepers rule. My brother is one. He’s helped me many a time(divorces anyone?) and now with my Father’s Estate Issues.
    Thanks for this wonderful post. I needed this!

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