Robin Blakney-Carlson – FeltMaker


Lattice panel, painted marino and silk fabric by Robin Blakney-Carlson

I first saw Robin Blakney-Carlson’s work in the Gallery 99 show in Glens Falls NY.  They were  small, magical, felted pieces that that moved between abstraction and landscape.  I was delighted when I  asked her to be in the Functional Art Show and she said she would make some new scarves and small handbags for the show in October.

Robin at work Felting

Robin comes from a creative family and has been interested in art since she was a kid.  She was a spinner for many years and about 17 years ago her sister Polly Stirling introduced her to felting.  Like spinning felting can be a meditative process, it is repetitive and time consuming.   It’s also very intuitive and creative.   Robin is dedicated to making “aesthetically beautiful, functional, high quality pieces.”  In 2006 Robin opened her studio Luckystone Felt Works in Glens Falls NY  where she works, teaches, and hosts workshops with internationally known Felt Makers. Check out her blog and website to find out what she’s been doing lately and see some more of her work.

Robin’s sister Polly and her assittant Sachiko Kotaka developed the nuno felting technique that Robin used to makes the scarves above.

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