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My revised Streaming Pillow that I know works

I haven’t always been good at taking advice, sometimes I’m still not.  Often it depends on who it comes from, what it’s about and what kind of mood I’m in.

So when Laurie emailed me after reading my post “I Just Don’t Know” about my Streaming Pillow, I’m glad I was open to her advice.  She said that the pillow just didn’t seem right and suggested I stuff just the streaming part, with less stuffing and make the edge bigger and leave it floppy.  I could see it immediately  and couldn’t wait to try her  suggestions.

The only thing I didn’t do was make the edge bigger, once it was all together, it seemed just right to me.  Until I tried out Laurie’s ideas  I was ambiguous about making Streaming Pillows, now I can’t wait to make more.  This one and a few others will be available for sale at the Functional Art Show in the Pig Barn Gallery in October.

I’m glad I was able to hear Laurie’s advice.

My first attempt at a Streaming Pillow

7 thoughts on “Good Advice

  1. Sometimes we’re too close to our own work to know what to do when we hit a snag. Outsiders can often see what’s wrong immediately. Bravo to have been able to listen to the advice – it obviously paid off!

  2. Maria, I loved the streaming art work of your pillow before, but now that it has an obvious border, I love the pillow itself. I did not even notice the border before. I really like the floral corners. What a difference a seemimgly small change can make!! Annie

  3. You areva nightmare when it comes to taking advice, usually putting your hands on your hips to make yourself bigger. Then glowering and demanding “are you telling me what to do?” That’s your way of taking advice.
    Laurie should move to the farm.

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