There are places in the world that are just creative places.  Artists are drawn to them for reasons I don’t quite understand, I think it must be an energy, sometimes it’s the beauty of the place.  Always, in the beginning, it’s because it’s an inexpensive place to live.  I think Bellows Falls VT is one of those places.

We met Anne Y showing her work at a gallery in a local business.  I was immediately drawn to her watercolors which are mysterious and magical.  They evoke maps and cave drawing, soft as fabric. I thought of the layers of wool used in felting.  She works intuitively starting with a wet piece of paper then laying down colors allowing the whole piece to emerge one step at a time.

Anne lives with other artists in a  low rent building where artists can live and work.  A town that actually encourages art, what a beautiful idea.

Anne Y and a friend with her paintings

4 thoughts on “AnneY

  1. i am not an artist but i wonder how much validation of one’s work does it take to make one feel that they are making a difference or is validation from other than self necessary in the creative world?

    1. I can only speak for me Mary, I’ve come to the point where I’m going to make my art no matter how many people validate. But for me connecting with people is an important part of my work, so if I’m making something that no one gets but me, I’d try something different. I don’t want to make art just for myself.

  2. Maria – would you consider having her work in your online gallery? Or would she allow you to post contact information for your blog readers? Thanks.

    1. Hi Kristin, I don’t have an email address for Anne, but I do have her business card with her phone # on it. I can’t imagine she wouldn’t want me to pass it along. It’s 802 463-5131.

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