The Women of Gallery 99 Are Back

Gallery 99 is back.  Patrice, Diane, Anne, Christina and I had lunch today in Glens Falls to talk about the next exhibit.   Diane’s really in charge getting the venue, and organizing the  event.  She’s good at it too, handing us printouts of all the information from attending artists, to who donating the bread and cheese (Rock Hill Bake House, thank you).

Then, everyone else does what they’re good at.  For me that means, helping Diane install the show and being available to staff it.  From what I can see, it’s all going pretty smooth.  Diane’s great at gathering people who work well together, each with their own individual talents, so everything that needs to get done, does.

For those of you who we’re around last year for the first exhibit, Gallery 99 is a three day show that takes place in an empty store front in Glens Falls NY.  Everything in the show is $99 or less.  The idea is to offer people affordable art and expose people, who usually don’t go to art shows, to a galley where they can comfortably see an buy art.

Gallery 99 is sponsored by Art in the Public Eye a non-profit art group run entirely by volunteers.   There will be about 15 local artists (including Jon and myself) and I’ll have more information (like all the artists and the address) once all the details are final.  The show will run Thursday, February 2nd – Saturday February 4th.

Last year we had lots of fun and lots of crowds.  One of the biggest complaints was that so much of the work was sold on Opening night.   Not to worry, we’ve remedied it this year by asking the artists to bring lots of extra work so we don’t run out.

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