Goddess of Moonlight

I was thinking of New Orleans when I made this pillow.

“Goddess of moonlight lives in the swamp, riches rising from the earth, eternal waters flow through my being,  turbulent waters carry me home”

This pillow is sold.

11 thoughts on “Goddess of Moonlight

  1. The rich colors of this pillow reflect your words and the goddess has majestic shades of purple surrounding her. All of the elements of the pillow flow, that must be what real art is.

  2. Maria,

    I’m looking at this gorgeous pillow & thinking WOW! The lush velvet and gorgeous tapestry & then POP! Wouldn’t a streaming quilt be fab?! blocks of your streamings surrounded by comfy cozy materials that you could read and warm your soul @ the same time! I know this would be a time consuming venture but I would be honored to have such a quilt! HMMMM???

    Love & Peace,

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