Pincushions, Creativity and Femininity

What is it about pincushions that are so endearing.  This one was given to me by a good friend as a badge of courage for the expression of femininity.

I’ve never seen one like it before.  I wonder if it’s a one of a kind or a one time popular design from a women’s magazine.  Maybe girls used to make it in Home Ec Class.  Maybe it was a mother’s day gift, or a birthday present for a friend from the sewing circle.  (Although my mother was in a sewing circle and she said they never sewed, it was just an excuse to get together).  Maybe who ever made it looked at  it when she was finished and realized what a good job she had done and it inspired her to sew some more.

Some one kept it all these years, not wearing it out with too much use.  It was either loved or forgotten to have made it this far.  What ever it’s story, it’s now safe with me.  A reminder of the women who sewed before me, and didn’t give up on their creativity, no matter what form it took.

9 thoughts on “Pincushions, Creativity and Femininity

  1. So beautiful! I feel like I have seen it before. My grandmother and great aunts did alot of handwork and I am sure I saw something similar when I was very young. I am envious!

  2. Delicious post today, Maria. For some reason, your statement “It was either loved or forgotten to have made it this far,” stands out like a beacon….I don’t know why. Perhaps there’s a message or a memory in this for me. Whatever, I’m going to work with it and try to find out. Thanks for giving me my work for the day.

  3. I remember making a pin cushion of felt. I chose an apricot theme for my design. The exterior was the color of apricots with a flap which that when you lifted it up revealed a violet colored felt pit. I think my mom used it just to humor me. She loved to make clothes, upholstery, intricate curtains, valances, etc. – just for the fun of it!!

  4. This is lovely, even has the wooden thread holders with appropriately colored threads. What a delightful gift this would be to receive, and what a delight to have a friend who knows that you’d be delighted. Have a said delight enough?

  5. I do not remember if it was Girl Scouts or Home Ec or 4-H – but one Christmas – many many moons ago – I made a bunch of them for presents. My centers were filled as a circle – with the thread around the edge like that – been decades since I thought of them – thanks!!! 😉

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