Last of the Happy Cats

This is it,  I finished making the last of the Happy Cat Potholders.  I had enough fabric for 20 potholders, 10 are sold, that leaves 10 Happy Cat Potholders for sale.  Will I miss them?  I don’t think so, I’m ready for something new, maybe some bugs.

The Happy Cat Potholders  are sold out.

5 thoughts on “Last of the Happy Cats

  1. Having purchased some before Christmas, I am here to tell you these are beautiful! The web site does not do them justice. They are much larger and more colorful than they appear in pictures A perfect present for all kitty lovers, including yourself!
    Thank you Maria for perking up my life with functional art!

    From Fran

  2. So happy I was able to get the last 3 happy cat potholders! Two will be a gift, I will keep one for myself! They are beautiful and make me smile – happy cat was an appropriate title for these! Glad you liked the Hawaiin donkey card too!


    P.S. I vote for the chickens too!! 🙂

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