Gift of Time

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I got an email from Veronica Hallissey a few months ago and have been following her blog ever since.  She’s a quilter and a poet.  I found, through reading her poetry, that we have some similar views of life.   She’s in her eighties and working hard at what she loves to do.  Women like her are an inspiration for me.  I see what she’s doing and I think to myself, I’m going to be like that when I’m 80, doing my work, learning something new, reaching out to the world.  Gift of Time is one of her latest poems.  I thought I’d share it today,  it speaks for itself.

Gift of Time  by Veronica Hallissey

I am in a January
which thinks it is an April.
I fully expect to see
the rose in bloom and perhaps it is.
In my mind I have transplanted
the marigolds and set the annuals
in their proper places.


In my part of the world I awake.
It is dawn and I prepare for the new day.
The dogs are put out and
the papers brought in.
And in the dailyness there is virtue.


I marvel at the continuity of it all.
In the beauty of the day
I now see all days and
in the quiet of the night,
I note the world’s silence.


In recognition of who I am
in connection with All That Is,
I am grateful.
I have taken this gift of time


and richly wear it like a money belt.

10 thoughts on “Gift of Time

  1. Maria: Thank you for the gift of Veronica’s poem. I will visit her blog! Her poem is an inspiration. Good on you for selling the ‘goddess’ potholders.

  2. Thank you Maria for all that you do and all that you share. I too am inspired by our Grandmothers all around us. Thank you for helping me find another inspiration…Love, mare

  3. Your words have lifted me to new places…let’s continue on this amazing journey. I am so thankful that many others are able to experience the wonder of your words also.

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