Goddess of………

I mailed out some potholders and a pillow this morning then went to a Gallery 99 meeting in Glens Falls.  At home I put some straw in the pole barn for the donkeys to lay on then went to my  studio.  It was 16 degrees out  and the wind was blowing, but the wood stove had been going all morning so it was warm inside.  I knew I had a streaming pillow in me so I cut a square from a pink sheet and threaded my machine with purple thread and got to it.  Today the images came more easily than the words and when I was done with the pillow I had one more picture in me.

Yellow and blue seemed right and that goddess just flowed out of me.  I don’t know who she is yet, the words didn’t come.  But I have a feeling  that by tomorrow morning she will reveal herself.

12 thoughts on “Goddess of………

  1. She’s beautiful, Maria. With her downcast eyes and the timid, self-effacing positioning of her feet, I’d say she’s the Goddess of Modesty. I’m not sure what the thingies growing out of her head mean; maybe she’s reaching for higher things.

  2. Maria, my first thoughts were ‘sweet love’! She is 9 going on 30. What will she do when she finds herself? I wait.

  3. She made me smile because she has my hair- Those three “tentacles” are my constant battle each morning. And when I think they have given in to mousse and spray they just stand straight up again.

  4. Although it’s quite obvious that she’s older than two,
    This might be the grown-up Goddess of Cindy Lou Who!!
    [Google the picture from How the Grinch Stole Christmas.]

    Same sweetness about her……

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