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Minnie Mouse's shoes

By the time we got to the hall where Jon was giving his talk at the Veterinary Convention in Orlando, on Saturday night,  most of the seats were taken.  I sat down next to an older couple and had a shoe conversation with the woman on the other side of me.  We went through the whole thing, comfort, style, how we used to wear high heels and won’t anymore.  (What is it about shoes?  The next day at Disney World, with all there is to see,  I found myself checking out Minnie Mouse’s shoes).

Then the woman who was there with her husband turned to me and said “I knew that was you Maria, I’m so glad you sat next to me”.   A fan of Jon’s,  she also reads my blog.  She told me she was 70 and didn’t know she was a goddess until she saw my Goddess Potholders.  I wanted to kiss her, I hope I thanked her enough.

The idea that we are all goddesses in our everyday lives  is just what I’m trying to convey.  And the thought that I was able to change the way someone thinks about herself with a potholder…well, it doesn’t get more everyday than that. It’s that place were we connect with others that I’m really drawn to.   That connection can come from common interests, or geography, or tragedy and sometimes  through art.    I’m so glad I sat next to her too.

4 thoughts on “We Everyday Goddesses

  1. Welcome back Maria! It’s great to have your blog back. This one is a whopper! What a comforting sentiment.
    And the photo of Minnie’s shoes is TO DIE FOR!!!

  2. Uh oh, you’re sure to open up a big can of ‘patriarchal’ worms when you bring up the history of women’s footwear!! Everything from binding women’s feet to stiletto high heels were designed for a man’s pleasure; not only do they prohibit our ability to run away but they artificially highlight our derrieres with poor spinal alignment and shortened calf muscles. Goddesses unite: LONG LIVE SENSIBLE SHOES!
    Is the theme music from “Small World” still stuck in your brain?? ;-)

    1. Walking around at the Veterinary Convention it surprised me how many women were wearing really high heels, some of them could barely walk, yet still they choose to do it.
      On another note, I had a 45 of It’s a Small World when I was a kid, I listened to it over and over, it easily goes through my head.

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