Butterfly Eye

There's A Butterfly In My Eye

I woke up last night from a dream yelling “HELP” ( I woke up Jon too)  It was the second dream I had where I was being chased or attacked.  So before falling asleep again, I told myself that my next dream would a good one.

I woke up in the morning from a fun and colorful dream.  I was riding  a strangely shaped unicycle on a busy sidewalk through a small city.  It was sunny and warm and I stopped by an old man who was sitting under a tree with a short legged dog with a human face.  The man had one eye closed and there was a small iridescent spot on his eyelid.  When I asked him about it the spot turned into a butterfly and flew away.  The old man said, “I have a butterfly in my eye”.  He explained that it had been caught in the fold of his eyelid.

When I told Jon the dream he said, ” That sounds like your next piece”.

I started with an old yellowed and lacy handkerchief over a pink flower print.  Then I pulled out my suede butterfly fabric that I must have gotten just for this piece.  Then the blue butter fly print and I was happily surprised when I came across the bicycle print which I didn’t think to use until I saw it in my cabinet.

When I first stitched the girls mouth it looked like she was horrified.  So I got out my stitch remover (eraser) and changed it so she looks like she having fun, which she is.  The little dog-like creature comes from the human-faced dog which was just too ugly to recreate.

It’s definitely as busy, colorful and happy  and incomprehensible as my dream was.

Butterfly Eye  is  for sale SOLD.  It’s about 12 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ and is $60 + $8 shipping.  If you’re interested just email me at [email protected]  or go to CONTACT ME.


10 thoughts on “Butterfly Eye

  1. That is so beautiful, Maria. So light, carefree and airy. Have you ever come up with ideas following a migraine attack? This used to happen in college, got all my inspiration for drawings after headaches.

  2. your piece made me smile this morning. always a great way to open the heart….is the smile. thanks, maria.

  3. It is vibrantly beautiful. Delightful. “I have a butterfly in my eye” sounds like a line from a Dr. Suess story or a Shel Silverstein poem. It makes me smile just thinking about the line. Butterflies are a nice sign of spring too.

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