Freedom to Feel

Zombie-Ghost Goddess

Words, Words, lots of words.  But I got this far and saw that my Goddess was a ghost.  And a Zombie. A Zombie Ghost.  I don’t mean to complain, or whine, but this one took it out of me.  My whole body aches and I’m exhausted. (although that could be because of my yoga class last night).   If it were a painting, I could paint over her and try again.  But it’s a collage, so… I’ll collage.

But it’s late and I’m tired and the whole thing has made me feel shitty.   Jon and I have been taking about working from emotion.  Bringing the feelings up from the body instead of working down from the brain.  Hence my new writing style ( like using the word shitty)  and this new piece which is wearing me out.

So for fear of being called a complainer (what do I have to complain about I love my life etc. etc. ) and because I knew it would make me feel better, I went back at it. I got this far and  I’m feeling better so I must be satisfied, but I’ll wait for the morning to make my final decision.

Feeling better by my body still aches, must be the yoga

14 thoughts on “Freedom to Feel

  1. Sometimes even goddesses are zombies… Neither are human, but we human women have felt like one or other at some point! A zombie goddess is kind of a fun possibility!

  2. I like the word shitty. I also like the smile, the yellow/orange sunglow on the Goddess & the fact that she’s standing on a tree stump which has her grounded, but elevated at the same time. You go girl!!

  3. Amazing things, collages…With a tweak to the body language, a change of expression and the well-placed orange panel, the whole piece is transformed. It’s much brighter and more cohesive. Your goddess has charisma and character now. Maybe the yogic breathing brought some good stuff to the surface!

  4. Maria! Wonderful work! Your voice is getting clearer and stronger all the time! Congratulations! Your pieces are beautiful!

  5. sometimes you just feel shitty and it’s such a release to say so! May I join in…not that I hate my life either…but some changes in my life as of late have made me feel shitty…kind of like falling off a horse. I am in the process of climbing back on…but I am sore too (this is my analogy)! I love your honesty, Maria!

  6. It’s a beautiful piece, Maria….and despite the fact that I have a beautiful, inspiring life, once in a while it’s only human to feel ‘shitty’….As a relatively grumpy person when I first wake up, my husband’s take on it is amazing. He says it gives him a lot to look forward to as the day goes on, LOL.

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