The Fox on Bedlam Farm

The Fox and The Chicken Notecards

Jon just published his article on the Fran and the Fox called The Fox on Bedlam Farm in  the online magazine Slate   I loved reading the story even though I lived through it, because you know Jon has some great and often funny insights on the whole thing.   And it gets better because  there’s a slideshow (I love seeing pictures of animals, even though I live with them and see them every day)  including some of the photos from the Fran and the Fox notecards. So check it out.

We still have note cards are for sale.  There are six, 5×7 notecards in each pack.  They are $20 + $5 shipping.  So if you’re interested you can use the paypal (which has made my life so much easier and I am grateful for even though it took me about a year to use it) button below or if you’d rather use a check you can email me at [email protected].

But even if you have the notecards already or don’t want to buy them, still check out the article on Slate  It’s worth it.



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  1. I was so happy to receive the notecards, they’re beautiful. They arrived in perfect condition, the packaging is great. Having the PayPal button made it really easy to order. Thank you! I also really enjoyed Jon’s article on Slate.

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