Winner and New Contest

  Sandy Morgan is the winner of the Bedlam Farm Fairy notecards!  Congratulations Susan.  And thank you to everyone who entered and don’t give up hope, there’s a new contest starting today:

Doors and Windows Notecards by Jon Katz

Doorways and windows are the iconic imagery of feminist art. A place the goddess knows well.  Win a pack of Jon’s Doors and Windows notecards.  Once again just comment on my blog and I’ll pick a winner at random on Friday May 30th at 4pm.

Each card is signed by Jon and has his message about Doors and Windows on the back:

“Doors and windows are about passages and perspective and they evoke the relentless movement of light and passage of time, and, for me, they whisper of memory and hope. And love.”

If you didn’t win a pack of note cards but would like to purchase them got to Current pieces for sale or you can buy them at the last show at the Pig Barn Gallery Anointing the Goddess on June 23rd and 24th.


59 thoughts on “Winner and New Contest

  1. I LOVE these and I would love to win. Thanks for having these giveaways – they’re so nice for those of us who don’t live near enough to come to your shows in person.

  2. shower of petals
    in the open doorway was it
    breeze or bird?

    my haiku from a few years ago

  3. Love this series..doors & windows…one door closes..another opens..
    Hope comes to mind…stages of life…wonderful! I

  4. Thanks to you and Jon—you inspire me with your honesty, beautiful art and partnership! I bought a set of Jon’s cards last fall and loved sending them!! Hope I get lucky.

  5. Doors and Windows…makes me wonder about the lives and loves from long ago…spirits still roaming thru abandoned places…

  6. Doors and windows reflect many metaphors; one door closes another opens, etc/ Jon’s photos are evocotive of those feelings.

  7. Doors and windows of old barns and houses have long been a passion of mine. You can’t be a carpenter and not be fascinated by the entrance and exit of life from structure.

  8. Maria:

    Your collaboration with Donna sounds like fun!

    Jon’s cards are very inspirational. The quotes stays with me.

    Thank you for sharing your world on Bedlam Farm.

  9. Ah, these entries are intriguing. Many years ago a friends daughter went to Italy and took a series of the doors to people’s homes; later, matted and framed, they were exquisite.
    As always, enjoying the journals of you, Jon and Jenna.
    Oh, and Paula and Mary too!

  10. Hi Maria, I’d love to win these notecards.I see many grand old spirits in these photos. 🙂

  11. Since my husband and I may have to move from the home we have lived in for 20 years for financial reasons, these photos of windows and doors hold special meaning to me…a little bit of sadness, but mostly hope for a more easily managed place to live.

  12. Not sure if I’m entering in the correct place, LOL…..But would Love to enter the ‘new’ contest for the free notecards again!! Great work, Maria…..your pieces are gorgeous!!!!!

  13. Doors and windows are glimpses onto our paths. And, we live in Alaska and doors and windows also give practical help to keep the path open. Have a great day — on the Path.

  14. I like the perspective on these – looking inward. When I walk my dog at dusk, I always enjoy glimpses into others’ homes. Just to see someone washing their dishes or making a cup of tea…it is oddly comforting.

    I hope that doesn’t make me a peeping tom!

  15. Maria, I’d love to win some of Jon’s doors and windows notecards! Thank you both for sharing your lives with us, and thank you for the opportunity to win some notecards! I have two sets of your potholders that I still need to hang (they’re just too nice to actually use as potholders). Once I hang them, I’ll send you a photo. Thanks again!

  16. Hi Maria,
    I love these cards. The photos are so interesting. Different from the animals and flowers, reminds me of the New Bedlam farm.
    Thanks for doing this.


  17. Jon and Maria,

    I love the images of windows and doors, they remind me of our farmhouse and barn. Thank you for sharing your life with us through your amazing books, blog posts and art.

  18. I’m fascinated by pics of doors, altho I’m not sure why. I particularly love the notecards of the doors and old barns – evoke some childhood memories. Thanks for having these contests; they’re fun!

  19. Love all of Jon’s work, photos and writing – his photos open my eyes to what is around me where your creativity, Maria, opens my eyes to what is inside me.

  20. Windows and doors to the soul. I am enjoying the give away contests and keep looking forward to the next one wondering what the pictures will be. Thank you for the fun.

  21. Keep making art! These are beautiful. Your blog about the blue water today was what I read once I settled in to begin work. I’m taking the message with me. Hugs, Janice

  22. These note cards reminded me of a quilt I saw of a doorway. Felt like I could walk right into it. The 3D effect was done through positioning light and dark fabrics. I especially like the “Ghostly Maria” photo with the spools, pincushion, and bobbins on the sill.

  23. Hi Maria,

    The doors/windows series has hauntingly called to me many times…I dream of reaching for a door knob, opening a window, I feel and taste the stale copper fear! I have meditated on opening that door/window – opening my center, releasing the scared child and embracing the adult & the wonderous opportunities and freedom that lie on the other side! Thanks to you and Jon, I am finding, I have a creative SPARK too! ;0)


  24. thanks for having these contests, Maria… who doesn’t love WINNING something??? Hope you and Jon had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend… we did! — Anne

  25. Windows and doors hold special meaning for many people. These photographs are so evocative. You are both such generous artists! Thank you ~ Hazel

  26. I have always been drawn to taking photos of doorway and windows. They are passages to our soul. Would love them!

  27. Both of you are an inspiration to me. I don’t remember how I came across your blogs but my life has changed for the better because of it. I have ordered some cards and pot holder and treasure them. (Don’t even want to write on the cards….) It would be great to have another set of such interesting and beautiful photos. Maria, it is breathtaking the way Jon writes about you! It is inspiring to me to see what a wonderful relationship you both have. Am looking forward to your new Bedlam farm and also wish I lived close enough to come to the art show.

  28. PS I don’t know why the date and time on my previous comment are wrong. It is 8:55 pm on Tuesday, May 29 in Wisconsin!

  29. I start my day on your websites, both yours and Jon. At 73, I will be starting over . . . I need to find a new place to live, a new space to do my art, new doors and windows open. I would love to win these notecards, Maria, please throw my name in the hat. Are you planning on doing a streaming piece quoting Flo’s sign in your new Bedlam Farm house? That would be so cool! Carol

  30. Jon’s photos make terrific note cards. I’ve got some I purchased a few years ago of Bartleby and I have the set he did of the foxes and their kits. I enjoy sharing them with people and seeing their reactions to the photos. And I always keep one or two for myself – to enjoy in my office. They’re up on my ginormous bulletin board.

  31. Hi Maria, I’m thinking a lot about you, Jon, the animals, the farm, and changes. I sure would like to see you sometime in the future. Good luck with the new farm – it sounds really perfect for you and Jon and the animals for where you all are in your lives right now!
    Love to you all,
    Barbara Jo Kammer

    your #1 fan from Lafayette, Colorado

    also from Kent, Ernie Boy White Tornado, Buster Bandito II, and Little Miss Tillie

  32. An old man in New Mexico who sold antique-like odds and ends of doors and windows told me to choose a door and build my home around it–if not physically, then mentally and spiritually. So, I took a picture there of my door and have it on my wall. It reminds me to open the door and to reconnect with all things that are meaningful to me. There was wisdom in his words and I am glad I listened. Doors and windows are truly passageways of the soul.

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