Bedlam Farm Goddess Photos For Sale

For all of you who can’t make it to Anointing the Goddess, the last show at the Pig Barn Gallery,  I’m offering Jon’s photos, which will be in the show, for sale on-line.

There are 10 different, signed, Bedlam Farm Goddess prints. (there’s another print of Lenore, I’m just waiting for the final ok on it from the printer)  They’re printed on archival, rag, 8×10 stock and can easily be matted to fit into a standard 11×14 frame.  .  They are $60 + $8 shipping. (the photos at the show will come matted and cost $95)

If you’re interested in any of the them, you can email me at [email protected] or go to Contact Me.  Or you can use the paypal button below.  When you do, please be sure to let me know which print you want.

Rose and the Imaginary Squirrel

Rose will always be the Goddess of Goddesses at Bedlam Farm

Fanny and Simon

I know Simon isn’t a goddess, but he seems to insert himself into a lot of the pictures

Florence's Window

An old goddess of the New Bedlam Farm

Fran riding on Simon's Back

Transportation of the goddesses

Minnie on her pedestal

Minnie on her barn cat pedestal in front of the Pig Barn Gallery

Lulu and Simon

Lulu is always watching, and there’s Simon again

Peonies in the window

I see all the flowers at Bedlam Farm as representation of the goddess

Fran and Meg

Fran and Meg the eternal Chicken Goddesses in front of the Pig Barn Gallery

Mother, Barn Goddess

Mother, protector of the barns in front of the statue of the Garden Saint

Check out the rest of the artists in the show and their work on my EVENTS page.


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