The Goddesses Speak….

Having lunch with the artists who are in the Anointing the Goddess show was a delight.  I hadn’t realized how much laughing we did until I started editing the video.  I’ll be posting more videos of the artists talking about their work.  Kim Gifford wrote about the lunch on her blog too.  Check it out on

In order of appearance the artists are Diane Swanson, Joyce Zimmerman, Donna Wynbrandt and Kim Gifford.  You’ll also see the photographer George Forss in the video, he’s not in the show but was a pleasure to have at lunch.  For more information on the show click on EVENTS

7 thoughts on “The Goddesses Speak….

  1. What a wonderful group. Thank you (and them) for sharing this with us, particularly those of us who are way too far away to be able to come see them and their art in person. (And you have a lovely voice, Maria.)

  2. My apologies, Frieda. Watching the video was so exciting, and now that I’ve viewed it again, I can see that is indeed you adding your appropriate comment!!! Sweet bark!!!

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