Stone Wall Notecard Give-a-way and Flowers and Light Winner

Congratulations Hannah,  winner of Jon’s Flowers and Light notcards!

Next Give-a-way is Jon’s notecards Stonewall Secrets….

Stonewall Secrets by Jon Katz

One the back of each card, along with Jon’s signature, Jon writes:

“Stonewalls are spiritual to me.
Their time has come and gone.
But they wait.
And if you listen, they whisper lost stories from the
past and inspire meditations that brush the soul”

Once again, if you’d like to have to chance to win a free pack of Jon’s Stonewall Secrets notecards, just leave a comment on my blog.  I’ll announce the winner on Monday at 4pm.  And remember you can buy any of Jon’s cards here or at Anointing the Goddess the last show at the Pig Barn Gallery on Bedlam Farm.

28 thoughts on “Stone Wall Notecard Give-a-way and Flowers and Light Winner

  1. Being Scottish and Irish in descent, I have my roots in stone so would LOVE to win Jon’s stone wall cards!

    Thanks to you and Jon for these generous giveaways!

  2. I just wrote a long paragraph thanking you and Jon for sharing your art and Atticus the Catticus jumped up and bumped my elbow and it was gone!! Long story short, I love finding old things with a history like the baby book you found at New Bedlam Farm! I have small, various bottles that we have collected through the years in the two windows in the front room…we all, cats included, love watching the different colors dance on the walls on sunny days! This Spring I decided to add to my bottle tree in the back yard and hung, with fishing line, various sizes and colors of small bottles in the tree by the back porch…I call it my Magical Tree and it always makes me smile. If you don’t know the history of bottle trees, it’s a Southern thing :), you should google. I think you would enjoy the story. Oh, and I would love to be entered to win Jon’s wonderful cards!!!!! Thank you! Syl

  3. Stone walls have always spoken to me. On our property in MA we found many old stone walls and built some “new” old stone walls. I love them and I love Jon’s photos of them.

  4. Hi Maria, I remember seeing the first of the series of Stonewall pictures on Jon’s website (with/without dogs) and thought that some of the close-ups reminded me of what my morning skin looks like in the little bathroom magnifying mirror…
    We never come back from our dog walks without a few interesting stones/rocks in our pockets – soon we’ll have enough for a stonewall of our own!! :-)
    Have a fabulous Anointing the Goddess show, wish we could attend.
    Northern BC Greetings – Sabina

  5. I love this series too Maria. Count me in once again! Love to Frieda and your black poodley sheep, Cindy

  6. I’ve loved stonewalls since I was a child — they speak to me, too. I’ve soaked in Jon’s photos since he started the blog — what a delight it would be to win these stonewall notecards!

  7. My husband is a ‘collector’ of stone walls, and built one (or put it together) on our property. He wanted it to look like it had been there for years, and it does. He hears them when they whisper.

  8. I love the stone wall photos, and would love to have a set of those notecards! Thanks so much Maria!

  9. I was very excited to find your blog, which I discovered while searching for more information about Bedlam Farm. As I began reading I immediately thought of the women of Gee’s County and then you mentioned them yourself. Using what you have to be creative and do something beautiful is a favorite idea of mine. I was raised in a home without a lot of money but my Mom was very artistic and allowed me to paint rooms, sketch flowers on windowsills, paint furniture and recover cushions with odd scraps of material. We had a lot of old furniture stuffed in the basemment and the garage and it was a treasure trove for me. I still drag home furniture that people are throwing out, but now I have a husband and three sons who help me carry things in, which I appreciate! I look forward to enjoying your blog on a regular basis. Best Wishes, Michele Duncanson

  10. my mother loves stone walls–I would like to win them for her. Please enter me in the drawing. thanks.

  11. I have always loved stonewalls. Makes me think of Robert Frost and his poem of fences. Stonewalls have character and are all original. I would love to win these notecards.


  12. Please enter me in the drawing. The stonewalls remind me of my childhood in New England. I often wondered who built the stone walls on our property. They were old, sturdy and beautiful. Thanks!

  13. Beautiful photos. I’m sure your art show will be a huge success. I sure would love to be there, but it’s a bit of a drive from NC. Maybe next year….

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