Harley Davidson Quilt Part… whatever….

I’m getting there, tomorrow I’ll put the batting and backing together and start tacking it with yarn.

I have the perfect piece of fabric for the back (It’s not big enough for the whole thing, but a good part of it).  It’s a huge grey, black and white tie-dyed cotton curtain.  I’ve tried to use it before on other quilts but it just wasn’t right.  Now I’m  glad I saved it for this quilt.

17 thoughts on “Harley Davidson Quilt Part… whatever….

  1. ooo, ooo, ooo…love the color of the material you used for in between the shirts. Sounds like the backing material will be perfect! There’s no way I’m letting my brother see this. He’ll try and get me to start quilting just so I could make one for him! lol

  2. Wow! It’s coming together beautifully! Can’t wait to see the fabric for the back. Sounds interesting.

  3. Way cool. Vroom Vroom. That Jon and his visions…. Amazing how this came together, truly awesome.

  4. Perfect choice for the backing! This quilt is so cool. A Man-quilt.You do amazing work Maria!

  5. I love this quilt, Maria! My life has nothing to do with Harley’s but I admire them and the people who ride them. Lucky family, the ones who will enjoy this one. Your work is simply amazing!

  6. Maria,

    What an inspiration! My boyfriend has zillions of Harley t-shirts and you can definitely tell which ones are his favorites. Some have significant meaning for him. I should try and make him some pillows. I haven’t sewed in a while, but it would be worth it to try.
    I love your ideas!

    1. Yes, Lisa, do try it. I think with the iron on interfacing t-shirts would make great pillows. Have fun and send a photo if you do make any. I’m sure everyone would like to see them.

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