Frieda Instead

I was determined to finish the Harley Quilt today, but, well, I didn’t.  A lot of knots to tie and my thumb is sore from pulling the needle and wool through the two layers of fabric, interfacing and batting. So I quit for the night and will finish it tomorrow.

Frieda spent the day with me and towards the end sat next to me on the floor while I tacked the bottom of the quilt.  It was hot and being next to a big, hairy, black dog made it even hotter, but there was also something nice about having her so close.  I know she was really just keeping an eye on the chipmunk who has a hole outside the screen door, but I still didn’t have the heart to chase her away.  So instead of a photo of my finished quilt, here’s a photo of Frieda, keeping me and the chipmunk company.

6 thoughts on “Frieda Instead

  1. Frieda is such a beautiful dog. She seems to have the wisdom of the ages in her eyes. I never tire of looking at her.

  2. I love pics of Frieda, too. She looks so much like my Ellie, who passed into her next dog life last October. Ellie lived such a good and long life, and she would lie next to me just that way, with a sweet, serious face. The interfacing on that stretchy fabric was a really good idea. Annie

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